Innovation, Digital Initiatives and Cloud Transition in your SME

For a sensible and sustainable investment in projects for the implementation of innovative initiatives and the use of digital potentials:

Project Management - Coaching - Training

Since 2007, we have been successfully transferring the business models of SMEs and foundations into the digital world.

IT as a means to an end and used correctly for the benefit and as a real market advantage in the area of service management, for compliance with regulations (e.g. data protection, data security, KYC, Anti-Money Laundering Act, etc.) or for the demonstrably positive development of the business compared to competitors.

We empower employees and managers to meet the requirements of changing markets and disentangle complex relationships for simple understanding.

As experienced entrepreneurs, we advise you in your language and realize solutions with you that give you the decisive edge in your market.

We lead or coach you and your vital projects transparently, well documented and thus sustainably successful.

Independent, transparent and traceable.

The 3 Disziplins of your Entrepreneurship Triathlon - KMU3.CH

Continuous Development and constant Innovation in your daily Business

Serviceorientation and Kundensprache with success in Customer Loyality

Life-long Learning and employee  Development




We understand your business concept and vision.

It is easy for us to derive the strategy and corporate goals with you.

Within the framework of designing your business processes, infrastructure (IT and finance) and developing your authentic corporate culture, we ensure sustainability in all aspects of corporate management.

Business Development

Strategic and operational development of your company through as yet untapped business areas or new products and services.

Innovations Management

Unlock digital potential and develop strategies to implement cloud transition or innovation projects.

Compliance & Risiko Management

Management and control of the implementation of national and international regulations and data protection and security in the IT network.




Employees are engaged and supported in business operations with appreciation and respect.

Digital solutions relieve and protect employees in favor of better job satisfaction and better work results.

Employees recognize the value of their collaboration, are motivated and receive constructive feedback for their work results and are happy to help develop changes in the business model and implement them in daily operations.


Integration and exploitation of employee feedback and ideas for continuous further development of products and services as well as quality improvement.

Change Management

Accompanying transition phases under the influence of changes in work processes, infrastructure or directly in the corporate culture.


Initiation of self-motivated development of employees using creative methods in all areas of competence and taking into account employee profiles.




Service Excellence, understood as a holistic management strategy in which an entire organization is geared to organization is geared to delighting customers at every point of contact with the company and to and to motivate them to buy again.

 Quality assurance, as an important factor in to ensure consistent and excellent quality of its services and to services and to sustainably strengthen and continuously improve the company's reputation.

Customer-focus and -language

Responding to market and customer demands through daily dialogue and respect for the customer's perspective and language.

Digital Chances and Competition

Use of digital technologies from the perspective of improving customer value. User experience and profitability as metrics.

Customer-Service und -Loyality

Sustainable, tangible customer value and trust through interest in the customer's point of view at all stages of customer contact and in between.


Management Tools
explained - understood - applied

= Know your Customer
Unique Identifcation of Business Partners

AML = Anti Money-Loundry Law
continously to be respected and applied

GRC = Governance, Risk Management,  Compliance
Regular Enterprise Governance, accepting or avoiding of risks, apply regulations and any legal local or international rules

CLOUD = Best Practice IT-Infrastructure
Transition of the Business Model into modern IT-Infrastructure

IAM = Identity & Access Management
Apply Data Protection/ Data Safety & Integrity
and much more

Online Trainings

Conception, realization and learning control in tailor-made trainings in favor of the learners Organization and development of the employees in their competences.

Practical Workshops

Training on-the-job or based on concrete, simulated practical examples with regard to the deployment of employees in current or future situations of a changing service market.

the time has come for a

Succession in your SM-Enterprise?

Innovations and an update of the product and service range make your SME interesting for investors and potential successors.

A succession from within your own ranks (e.g. management buy-out, participation and takeover models for employees) or even the awakening of a hidden interest among family and friends will result in an increase in the attractiveness of your KM company with a corresponding signal effect both internally and externally.

We help your company to a new future and take to heart the respect for the current owners and employees.Full discretion.

Development and implementation of succession planning and arrangements with consideration for all parties involved.

Herbert Pirks - Senior SME-Advisor

Managing Partner

Entrepreneur & Expert in Business Development
Expert in Organizational Management & Digital Initiatives
Adult Business Educator & SVEB1 Digital Trainer
Project Manager CLOUD-Transition & Cloud Practitioner

Die Zukunft soll man nicht voraussehen wollen, sondern möglich machen.

Trust and Respect


We see collaboration as a partnership for the long term.
We are committed to fairness and respect.
We communicate honestly, factually and comprehensibly.
We behave in an exemplary manner.
We document content in a comprehensible and sustainably usable manner.
We respect confidentiality, data protection and privacy.
We ensure data security and integrity.

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